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Fredericton Islamic Children Education ( FICE)

Our CEP program envisions a learning environment that supports the integrated and balanced development of the individual. We operate only Sunday sessions and offer classes from Kindergarten to Level 6, age groups 6 to 13. Enrolled in the program is an average of 70 students with 12 teachers.

Registration OPEN

Eligibility: Children who are in KG to Grade 7 .
September 9, 2023:  11am - 2 pm @ FIA Masjid 

September 10, 2023:  11am - 3 pm @ Lincoln Elementary school. 

Please bring along the filled form & the registration fees( cash only please).

If your child/ children are NEW to the school, kindly bring them with you to be assessed.


Email:  or FacebookFredericton Islamic Children Education (FICE) ​ 

School hours:

Sunday 11:00am to 3:00pm


Arabic, Quran, Islamic Studies


Lower Lincoln Elementary School

Form Submission/Contact

Submit form via email or mailing address shown on the forms.

For further inquiries contact:

For latest updates/announcements Please check out our Facebook page:

Fredericton Islamic Children Education 

General School Notice

  1. The academic year will be planned in advance (including weekends when school is out). It will be posted on the website.

  2. More detailed emails will be sent at the beginning of the year, including the teacher assignment This will be especially helpful to parents who are new to the school

  3. Punctuality is expected regarding students’ arrival and departures. If a student is late three times (with no excuse), a letter will be sent to the parents. If it continues to happen, the parents will be asked to remove their child from the school.

  4. If your child will be missing school, please inform his/her teachers via email.

  5. Parent involvement is expected, helping with the younger classes (Kindergarten and level 1A) during classes, escort them to the washroom if necessary, supervision during lunch, and cleanup of the classes afterwards. It will also be their duty to stay if a student’s parent is late picking them up. i.e. the volunteer parent on any given Sunday will have to be there 11- until all students are picked up.  A schedule will be rotated at the beginning of each academic year to cover the whole year. The principle will have a copy of this schedule. A reminder email will be sent to the parent who is on the roster a few days before. If they are not able to make it, it is their responsibility to make arrangements for someone to replace them.

  6. Curricula-Please see the curriculum section for detailed breakdown of what will be taught during the year for each subject/level

  7. Arabic lessons will be optional for non-Arabic speaking students. If they chose not to study Arabic, their registration fees will be adjusted accordingly.

  8. Homework: The students will not achieve the required educational goals unless they do the assigned homework. Needless to say, this requires help from parents .Teachers will be keeping track   of students who do not do their homework. If homework is not done three times (without excuse), the parents will be approached by their child’s teacher to try and work on it. If it continues, they will be asked to withdraw their child.

  9. Books: will be distributed at the beginning of each year and collected at the end of the year. We are looking into a PDF option, if preferred by some parents

  10. Report cards: there will be :a total of  two report cards each year. If a child is struggling with a subject, this will be reflected in the report card in details, and the teacher will work closely with the student and his/her parents to rectify the problem. If a student has not reached the expected level by the end of the year, he/she will not be promoted to the next level.

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